So Cal Goldendoodles
So Cal Goldendoodles

When I needed a hand... I found a paw.

Welcome! We are the Hazlett family; party of five + one goldendoodle. Arya, a beautiful two year old Goldendoodle whom we have just recently bred with a family friend's dog named Cooper. Cooper is an English Cream Golden Retriever.

Arya has such a fun personality, she loves to jump and play catch and she is the biggest cuddle bug-she definitely thinks she is a lap dog. You can always find her by my wife as she is very attached to her and waits by the front door when she isnt home. Arya is very good with babies and young children. Our kiddos, Lucas 8yrs old, Sawyer 5yrs old and Savannah 5yrs old continue to love on her and the puppies everyday.

Cooper is a family friend's English Cream Golden Retriever who just turned three years old. He is a family dog that is surrounded and very good with children as his owners have four children themselves. Cooper loves the water and his toys and he loves going on walks.

Both of the parents and the litters are raised with love, spoiled beyond belief and in a family environment.

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New Litter Coming Nov 2021!

Well it's official... Arya is pregnant! The new litter is due Nov 16th and will be ready for their forever home on Jan 11th.

They are going to be second generation goldendoodles (F2b). Arya is an F1 goldendoodle (50% poodle / 50% retriever), and Cooper is an F1bb goldendoodle (85% poodle / 15% golden retriever). This litter will be 67.5% poodle / 32.5% retriever. So they will be a great family dog plus they will be hypoallergenic!

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